The SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014

  • April 25, 2014

The SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014 is a unique maritime event that promotes international youth sailing. The Black Sea offers beautiful coastline, maritime traditions, friendly people, wonderful nature, vibrant cities and historic architecture.

Up to fifty Tall Ships are expected to take part, including four famous Russian Tall Ships – Mir, Kruzenshtern, Sedov and Nadezhda. Romania's Mercea is taking part, as part of her 75-year jubilee celebrations in 2014, along with Adornate and Apolodor. Bulgaria will be represented by Kaliakra and Royal Helena.

People of all abilities can take part in the Regatta, including those with mental and physical disabilities, providing they are over the age of 15. Trainees may join for one or both of the race legs and all ships entering the Regatta are particularly encouraged to recruit trainees between the ages of 15 and 25.

The starting port is Varna ‘the sea capital of Bulgaria’  and the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern cultures mingle and coexist throughout the city. It’s a major tourist destination, business and university centre, seaport, and the main port for both naval and commercial shipping. It boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere, historical buildings, museums and art galleries and is often host to numerous prestigious cultural events.

The second port of call is Novorossiysk in southern Russia. It is the main Russian commercial sea port on the Black Sea and one of the few cities honoured with the Soviet title of Hero City.

Novorossiysk is based in the heart of the picturesque Tsemess bay of the Black Sea. Its climate is close to Mediterranean and Novorossiysk has been a popular sea resort for few centuries.

In ancient times there was a Greek colony called Bata, mentioned by Strabo and Ptolemy and in the Middle Ages Genoese merchants maintained a trade output there, focused mainly on grain. Nowadays Novorossiysk is Russia's main port on the Black Sea and it serves Russian sea trade with regions of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Mediterranian and South America. It is an important industrial city as well as a naval base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The most well known port of Sochi is the third port the trainees will visit. Known as the pearl of the ‘Russian Riviera’ Sochi boasts urban attitude within a seaside retreat and is located approximately 1,500 miles due south of Moscow. 

Great Sochi stretches for 145 km along the shores of the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains and its size makes it Russia's largest resort city.

As well as welcoming international Tall Ships in 2014,  Sochi has hosted the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games and will see the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix in the same year 

Sochi is often called the unofficial 'Summer Capital' of Russia. It’s the country's biggest and busiest summer sea resort, attracting more than four million visitors annually with its mountainous coastline, endless shingle beaches, warm sunny days, and bustling nightlife. From May to September Sochi's population at least doubles with tourists, including celebrities and political elite of the country.

The final port is Constanta. Which is a coastal Black Sea town in southern Dobruja, Romania; the second most important city in the country and, during summer, a beautiful tourist city. It is the capital of Constanta county and Romania's largest seaport.

An ancient metropolis, Constanta traces its history back some 2,500 years. Originally called Tomis, legend has it that Jason landed here with the Argonauts after finding the Golden Fleece.

The third largest city in Romania, Constanta is now an important cultural and economic centre, worth exploring for its archaeological treasures and the atmosphere of the old town centre.

All of the tall ships will have a YB Tracker on board throughout the Regatta. They will transmit several items of data such as speed, direction and GPS position every hour. This give loved ones left on shore a way to follow the fleets progress and cheer them on from afar.

For more information on the Regatta please go to Sail Training International website 

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