AIR 2014 Mini 65

  • August 27, 2014

The Around Island Race or AIR Valencia is a regatta for Open 6.50 Class boats from the Marina Real Juan Carlos Ito Islas Columbretes, Ibiza, Formentera and back. Competitors from France, Russia, Italy, Spain and Hungary have so far entered. They are expecting 20 entrants to what is going to be a great week of Mini 6.5 racing.

They will be based in a great location at the new Marine Outlet area in the Marina Juan Carlos 1.  With private berths and bar for end of the day festivities.

The course will start from close to the entrance to the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, rounding the Islas Columbretes (of Castel on), Ibiza and Formentera and returning to the Marina Real Juan Carlos I.

We here at YB Tracking are delighted to be providing the tracking solutions for the Around Island Race. Each mini will have a tracker installed before the race, which will transmit at predetermined intervals. The transmission will include data on speed, direction and gps coordinates, and updates our race tracker almost instantly after transmission. This means friends, family and supporters from around the world can keep up with an individual or the whole fleet progress through out the race.

For more information and the race viewer please visit the AIR  website.

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