Sailbook Cup 2016

  • July 16, 2016

The SailBook Cup is the longest regatta in Poland and second in the waters of the Baltic Sea, in which participants test their skills againts a 600 NM course. The route leads from Sopot around the island of Gotland (with a pitstop in Visby) and Gotska Sandцn that you the sailors will need to go around the right side of before returning to the finish line in Sopot.

The race was established to banish the myth that the Baltic was too difficult an area for amateur sailors to race in. The race configuration also helped with this as it is seperated into diffrent legs making it easier for first time sailors to get a taste for the waters without having to sail the whole course.

We have been tracking the SailBook Cup since 2013 and are delighted to be doing so once again.  We make it possible for race control, family and friends left ashore to be able to track their favourite yacht or the whole fleet easily. Once our trackers are installed aboard they update our online raceplayer,  with several items of data such as speed and direction, through the Iridium satellite network.  

For more information and live tracking once the race has started please visit the SailBook Cup website.  

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