Route Halifax, St. Pierre Ocean Race

  • July 10, 2016

The Route Halifax - Saint-Pierre race 2016 is a world class ocean race held every two years (opposite the Marblehead - Halifax race) from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada to Saint-Pierre, France off of beautiful coastal Newfoundland.

RHSP is now well established in the calendar on international ocean races of North America. Attracting yachts from Canada, United States and France, sailors enjoy the challenge presented by 350 miles of the waters of the Atlantic ocean, the Cabot Straits and the French islands of St.Pierre and Miquelon. The race continues to foster the close relationship between eastern Canada and the French islands and brings together sailors from many historic maritime regions.

Friends and family left ashore can follow their loved ones progress throughout this race with the help from our trackers. The trackers will transmit data at a predetermined time through the Iridium satellite network to YB HQ servers. From there the data is visualised onto our race player which updates the fleets progress every fifteen minutes. Keeping loved ones and the race committee informed right until the last yacht crosses the finishing line.

For more information please visit the race website.

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