The Long Wait

Nigel Philpott and Desmond Crampton are so close yet, so far. Having had the wind die on them last night, when they ground to a crawl, the wind is again dying as night falls in Newport.

With only 36 miles to the finish Nigel and Desmond have experienced their fair share on bad luck. They first had to turn around and return to Kinsale when they suffered electrical failure on board. They were then trapped in Kinsale by a proper storm and when that finally abated they had to battle their way through a high pressure system.

Despite all of this the two of them have persevered and will finish well inside the time limit. When they do finally cross the finish line, sometime on the 1st July, they will be met and welcomed to Newport as every other competitor has been. They will be met at the line and escorted through Newport Harbour to the Newport Yacht Club. After the formalities are complete, the welcome proper will begin and tomorrow being Sunday it is brunch at the Newport Yacht Club.

Meanwhile for those who have been waiting, Newport has laid on a spectacle. Fort Adams has been the perfect viewing spot to watch the AC45 fleet do its stuff.