Quid Non Finishes

At 0328 EST (0728 GMT) on the 1st July 2012, Nigel Philpott and Desmond Crampton coaxed Quid Non across the finish line at Castle Hill Point Newport in the faintest of breezes. Having managed to keep the wind al the way to the entrance to Narragansett Bay and maintain a reasonable 5-6 knots as they approached the finish line, the wind died.

As you can see in the picture, provided by internationally renown photographer Billy Black, the sails just hung limply as they drifted towards the line on the flood tide.

Fortunately a very gentle breeze filled in accelerating them the last few yards across the line, bringing to an end a voyage that can be described as a triumph of persistence over adversity.

Having suffered complete electrical failure and returned to Kinsale, Nigel and Des, were trapped in Kinsale while they sat out a storm that helped propel the leaders to their record times. When they finally restarted they got caught by a ridge  of high pressure from which there was no escaping. As they thought they were nearly there they then had to battle light headwinds along the North American coast.

The final part of the story only came to light on their arrival. They had suffered the failure of the seals in the hydraulic ram that provides tension to the backstay and therefore the forestay and they had to nurse the rig to Newport.

Though the last boat home in a time of 27 days 21 hours and 28 minutes, the determination to keep going despite all adversity is a true reflection of the Corinthian Spirit. Why do it? Because it is there and you can. Well Done Des and Nigel.