Quid Non – Day twenty one

Another interesting day on the Grand Banks for Quid non?

As Friday’s gale began to ease off and as reefs were being shaken out, we reviewed our very good run for the previous 24 hours with satisfaction. When the GFS model showed good steady South Easterly winds thereafter, we looked forward to good onward progress but … the scriptwriter had other plans!

The wind promptly died on us and we spent most of last night ghosting along in very light winds trying to convince Lite Kite that he could do better. Ship fog horns could be heard booming as heavy fog reduced visibility to less than 1nm. The masthead light imprinted its colours on the water-laden air and condensation dripped from rig and sails. The occasional long deep sighs of what must have been whales added an eerie note. Invisible Petrels chirruped fussily in our wake in the darkness.

The South Easterly wind finally showed up for breakfast so we put the recalcitrant spinnaker to bed, gybed, and set course for Newport once again. Our attention is turning to the detailed pilotage of Georges Bank and the Nantucket Shoals. Does that mean we are getting close to Newport? We are taking the advice of the taciturn Fergusson as the end of the season approaches and are simply playing one game at a time!