Quid Non – Day eighteen

An underlying swell with a short confused sea overlay; cold damp air that leaves exposed skin feeling wet; overnight visibility of less than 2nm; depth 80m; hang on, we must be on the Grand Banks!

We are traversing the Grand Banks east to west at approximate latitude N46. Had we been traveling eastwards it would be a most unpleasant sail. As it is, we are being pushed along by an ENE 6 to 7 with only the occasional quartering sea to contend with.

Yesterday we passed a number of ships on reciprocal headings to ours and again this morning have been passed by two more. This is reassuring as we are now headed towards our conservatively positioned ice waypoint, so it seems they have used the same data as us.

Our next decision is which side to leave Sable Island. That call will be made after the next grib download, but inshore has attractions from a prevailing current perspective. Certainly, overnight the Labradour current was knocking out any adverse Atlantic current influence.

All well on Quid non?