Quid Non across the pond

All continues well aboard Quid non?

Good 24 hour progress across the Grand Banks has come courtesy of hard running before strong winds from the NE and N including some 8 hours of F8. The main sheet has been bar-taught reaching wide out of the cockpit to a triple reefed main. The reefed heavy weather jib provides balance up front.

Conditions over the 24 hours became steadily more difficult as the sea-state developed, eventually requiring a change of course to allow direct running down the front of the large waves. Conditions abating now, so direct course to Newport resumed. Just to keep our spirits up, we have the typical Grand Banks conditions of poor visibility, very cold air and everything wet. Happy with the miles though!

During the night we passed the longitude of Cape Race, the SW-most point of Newfoundland. Now that we have some of the continent of North America astern, we feel we can claim to have reached the other side of the pond at last.

There is just the little matter of the 800 miles down the coasts of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Maine and Massachusetts to Newport, Rhode Island. There are yet many shallows to negotiate before we leave Nantucket Island to starboard. With any luck, we might see the sun again before then.