Quid Non – 416 miles to go

After a slow start to the last 24 hrs with some short tacking to keep us moving in a westerly direction we settled down to a broad reach towards our next waypoint south of the Georges Bank. Boat speeds were between 8 and 9 kts so we had hoped for a good run. However a persistent 1.5 to 2kts against us spoiled our expectations. The reason for this adverse current has us stumped as we were expecting a favourable Labradour current under us.

Our only consolation is that had we been further offshore the position could have been worse. MIT have their Oceanography department nearby at Woods Hole and perhaps they can help explain or for that matter the members of the Newport Yacht Club.

Consolation for these frustrations came in the form of a beautiful night at sea. A flat(ish) sea sparkled under a slither of the new moon and stars lighted the heavens. First good visibilty we have had for weeks.