Quid Non – 300 to go

The start of yesterday’s 24 hour run saw us continuing with a sparkling reach towards Newport at 8 to 9kts boat speed. We gradually reduced sail until three reefs and the HWJ were still too much and decided to hove to until the worst had passed. This took around two hours when we were seeing plus 40kts wind. Later the wind began to veer to the SW directing us into the Gulf of Maine, replacing our earlier intention of leaving the Georges Bank to starboard with an approach from the north. Reading the local pilotage the names are littered with alrming words such as rip and curl for the small passages. We have to remind ourselves that our parents blooded us on the North Brittany coast and Alderney Race and to not be daunted by the US hyperbole. Headwinds are forecast for the remainder of our race slowing our progress…………………..