Land Ahoy on Jangada Too

Land Ahoy – light flashing once every 7.5 seconds – Nantucket Island.

Last night was one of those clear, calm nights with Jangada Too in the groove sailing upwind. It is at times like this that taking over from George on the helm is especially satisfying. One sits there in tune with wind, sea and boat – feeling every breath of wind on the face, listening to every surge of water as the boat forges aside her bow wave, sensitive to any tiny creak in the hull and fittings that may seem out of place.

I started to get the feeling that I was not alone. The odd splash that was out of tune with the boats wake……

….then the shock as I saw four streams of light out of the corner of my eye – just below the waters surface, coming from astern and aiming straight for the bow.  It was like all those World War Two movies that you see where the torpedoes are lined up for a broadside strike, leaving in their path a trail of streaming bubbles.

But there was no strike, no explosion – just the usual wind and waves.  Then the light show appeared from the other side repeating its dance around the bow. Again. And again.  The light show was spectacular. As if spirits from the ocean were dancing around the yacht.

And as quetly as they had arrived, the dolphins with their effervescent trails, wandered of into the night leaving me in awe of the wonderful light show I had just seen.


Race Director: Expected ETA is 0900 EST (1300 GMT)