Jangada Too’s Invasion

The nearest land is 180nm away. So there two explanations for the flies that we have encountered today, one of which was quite large.

First – they travel huge distances in search of rank socks and festering fridges.

Second – the maggots are starting to hatch!

Either way, prepare to repel boarders and stowaways.

As we approach our final destination, westward bound, it looks like we might be treated to a second beautiful sunset.  Today has been wonderfull – frustrating at times due to lack of wind, but enjoyable as the wind filled in this afteroon, so we are now flying along at almost 8 knots.

As we sat becalmed, I had the chance the ponder what things I could do to acclimatise to life ashore as I get my land legs back.  A few ideas sprang to mind:

1) saw the legs off one side of the bed to tilt the matress at 20 degrees

2) serve meals in a dog bowl, all stirred up into one homogenous pile

3) place two bricks in the cistern so you only get half the flush you need

4) leave a half inch tray of UHT milk in the bottom of the fridge to fester for a week

5) tie a strop to the AGA to strap myself in when making the tea

6) fit bars around the walls so that I can swing from room to room like an Orangutan

7) take at least two naps during the day.

8) buy a pair of grey sunglasses so everything looks “Atlantic Grey”

9) eat lots of flapjack

10) whilst having buckets of cold water thrown over me.

Alternatively we could just head for the bar and get drunk.


Message from the Race Director: He will buy the first drink when you have been cleaned!!