Quid Non – 540 to go

The good South Easterly wind of early yesterday has veered steadily into a South Westerly, leaving us close hauled and fighting to make good miles towards Newport. Notwithstanding, we have made reasonable run for the day to noon.

If the GFS forecast is to be relied upon, this wind should start to back soon allowing us to ease the sheets and head directly for the target once again. Windward work like this is always demanding on boat and crew and last night was no exception for us. We recorded the most sail changes in any 24 hour period of the trip so far as we sought to optimise boat speed.

Needless to say, it is overcast, grey and wet. And I ought to mention, cold as well. Sable Island is some forty miles to the south having chosen the port tack when the wind headed us yesterday evening. After long busy nights like this, the delights and pleasures of shoreside life come very readily to mind.